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Early BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

In a healthcare setting, after the patient receives care, and the billing process begins, many business processes can be outsourced to CCOC. We have the resources in place to help you recover your receivables earlier on in the revenue cycle, and lower bad debt. For example, we have experienced staff who are skilled at working insurance denials who will work diligently to collect your expected reimbursement and maximize recovery from both contracted and non-contracted payers. For those patients with a balance, we can assist with patient statements, payment plans and answer billing-related inquiries. We have conscientious self-pay recovery specialists that can help patients understand their insurance, their patient responsibility portion, and work toward a repayment plan. We act as an extension of the clients we serve and improve the patient’s experience throughout the billing cycle.

Healthcare Early Out Services

Here is a listing of some of our Early Out Services:

  • Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Insurance Accounts Receivables Management
  • Cash Management/Payment Posting
  • Denial and Underpayment Management
  • Self-Pay Account Follow-up Management
  • Patient Statements
  • Financial Assistance/Charity Care Applications
  • Customer Service Billing Related Inquiries

Spotlight: Denials Management

At CCOC, we understand that providers are experiencing a sharp increase in denials from commercial and governmental payers. We have the resources and processes in place to effectively combat the growing denial issue. Our intelligent claim denial and appeals management system analyzes administrative, technical and clinical denials, as well as underpayments. Workflows are sorted strategically using KPIs to maximize efficiency and maximize recovery.

Spotlight: Root Cause Analysis

CCOC has developed effective reporting mechanisms that track trends in denials by payer, dollar amount, and reasons for denials. We report back to our clients on root causes so they can make procedural changes and thwart preventable denials. We analyze the different denial reason codes, volume of denials/underpayments and are able to provide our clients with comprehensive reports to help pinpoint process improvement opportunities.

Providing Recovery Solutions for Over 30 Years