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Your Best Partner

We employ the latest technology, focus on agility and responsive service, while providing a nuanced customer approach that improves the consumer experience. We are your best partner in account receivables solutions. Together, we will leverage our experience and expertise to maximize recoveries for your organization in an ethical and professional manner.

Build Rapport, Increase Revenue

Collection Consultants of California will act as an enhanced extension of your business office. At CCOC, we exceed consumer expectations, tailor their experience, and deliver intelligent, convenient payment solutions to improve collections. We offer payment solutions that are responsive and promote faster resolution on mutual terms. By working with a trusted solutions partner like CCOC, you will ensure that consumers are positively engaged throughout the recovery process, and that their experience continues to be improved and enhanced. We improve your bottom line by collecting payments through personalized communication solutions while creating new opportunities to engage consumers.

Scalability and Reliability

As M&A trends continue to reshape and grow our clients, CCOC continues to strategically grow alongside them. We continually invest in the necessary technological resources, physical infrastructure and expert talent required to support new service offerings and the immediate expansion needs of our clients. We have a proven track record of increasing recoveries for our clients throughout their growth transitions. Our clients will testify to our agility, capability and dedication and that they can rely on us to meet their ever increasing needs and demands.

Providing Recovery Solutions for Over 30 Years