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Harnessing the Power of Data

Collection Consultants of California has partnered with some of the industry’s best systems, technology and data providers. Our partner organizations help us locate more consumers and assess the collectability of our receivables so that we can shorten the revenue cycle, and improve collections and improve operational efficiency.

Powerful Data

We utilize only the best in Data Providers:

  • LexisNexis provides a direct connection to over 78 billion current public records to help detect fraud, verify identities and conduct investigations.
  • Experian provides critical debt recovery information, including credit-based scoring and consumer contact data and analytical services.
  • TransUnion’s data and attributes and eBureau’s analytic models provide effective and accurate predictive analytics.

Intelligent Decisioning

We leverage analytics and harness the power of our data to help us make informed, data-driven decisions that maximize recovery:

  • The Intelitech Group, a premier analytics and consulting group dedicated to the ARM industry, is our longstanding partner, and provides fully integrated analytics and technology services that drive our system’s strategic business decisions engine.
  • Ontario Systems- TCS- is our award-winning receivables tracking and management system. It simplifies and automates tasks to make collections easier, faster and more compliant, with timely enhancements that accommodate our constantly evolving business requirements

Providing Recovery Solutions for Over 30 Years