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Call Center Solutions

At CCOC, we have carefully vetted and partnered with leading dialer, recording, and speech analytics partners that improve contact rates, enhance consumer satisfaction, encourage account resolution and facilitate compliance management.

Robust Recording and Speech Analytics

CCOC has partnered with a leading provider in call recording, reporting, and speech analytics applications. Some key benefits and features of our integrated platform include:

  • Compliance and Transparency
  • Quality Monitoring and Training
  • Proof of Call and Liability Protection
  • Ability to Easily Share Recordings with Clients
  • Speech Analytics with Trend Identification
  • 100% Call Analysis with Trend Identification
  • PCI DSS Compliance

Scalable Dialing Solutions

With scalability in mind, we have partnered with some of the best providers in contact center solutions for our dialing needs. CCOC employs a hybrid dialing solution that includes a robust, site-premised dialer coupled with two fully integrated cloud-based dialing solutions. We utilize two cloud-based providers ensuring CCOC always has both an emergency backup dialing solution and virtually unlimited dialing capacity. We are prepared to handle a large influx of call volumes within a moment’s notice, extending our client’s business office quickly and efficiently when they need it most. Our flexibility provides peace of mind for our clients, both large and small, that we are prepared and able to step in and provide the service and support required to handle their needs.

Unparalleled Dialing Technology

Some of the key technology features provided by our dialer partners include:

  • Real-time integration with host collection software
  • Call blending, IVR Scripting and messaging
  • Proprietary systems for manual TCPA compliant cell phone dialing without predictive/automated/number generating capacities
  • Cell phone scrub
  • Live agent coaching and monitoring

Providing Recovery Solutions for Over 30 Years