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Collection Consultants of California

Welcome to CCOC

Collection Consultants of California has over 30 years of experience providing recovery solutions to organizations both large and small, across multiple verticals, including healthcare, insurance, municipal services and utilities, tuition, memorial care financing, and judgment recovery. As a mid-sized agency, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide a more nimble and responsive level of service than our competitors

Tech-Savvy and Service-Minded

We continuously invest in the latest technology to provide our partners with cutting-edge resources, reporting and analytics. CCOC understands the nuance involved in handling account recovery, and the importance of maintaining a respectable, compassionate public image. We act as an extension of the clients we serve and we are committed to improving the consumer experience.

Your A/R Recovery Solution

Together, we will leverage our experience, technology and expertise to fulfill your business process outsourcing needs, while maximizing recoveries for your organization both ethically and professionally. We are your best partner in accounts receivable recovery solutions.