Our History

Collection Consultants of California (CCOC) was founded in 1986. President and CEO Matt Logan joined the company in 1987. Under his leadership, CCOC has grown and flourished as a well-respected, successful mid-sized accounts receivable management firm.

Executive Team

Our Executive Team proudly shares over 75 years of combined service with CCOC

Matt Logan


Matt Logan joined CCOC in 1987 and has been a driving force for positive change ever since. Leveraging his 40+ years of industry experience he spearheaded the implementation of innovative systems, fundamentally transforming CCOC’s operations. Matt’s leadership extends far beyond CCOC. He actively contributes to the industry, having served on the CAC’s Executive Committee (2009-2016), and currently holds board positions with AAHAM Western Region Chapter and HFMA Southern California. His dedication is further reflected in his commitment to fostering a positive and impactful work environment, inspiring a team at CCOC that is known for its loyalty and unwavering dedication. Matt leads with a passion for making a difference. He embodies the spirit of “making someone’s life better, one smile or project at a time.” His guiding principle, “Stay busy and stay young,” reflects his commitment to continuous improvement and a dynamic approach.

Monica Murphy


Monica Murphy brings a powerful combination of financial acumen and leadership to CCOC. With a B.S. in Mathematics from UCLA and nearly 30 years of management experience, including 23 years in ARM and 14 years in healthcare finance, she possesses in-depth knowledge to drive success across CCOC’s operations. Hyper-focused on compliance, analytics, and process improvement, Monica leverages her extensive systems and technology expertise to design and implement strategies that maximize revenue, optimize efficiency, and foster a thriving team environment. Beyond CCOC, she is a passionate industry advocate. She actively serves on CAC’s educational and legislative committees and supports the educational initiatives of HFMA, AAHAM, and CAHAM. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and creating lasting memories with her family. Her daily inspiration is fueled by the wisdom of John Wooden: “Be prepared and be honest,” and “Make each day your masterpiece.”

Mrs. E. Young


Mrs. Young brings a wealth of technical expertise and industry knowledge to CCOC. Her B.S. in Management Information Systems from CSULA and over 40 years of experience have made her a leader in various fields, including project management, training, database administration, and technology support. Her 27+ years specifically in accounts receivable management, along with experience working with diverse EHR systems, further solidified her skillset. Mrs. Young’s proficiency encompasses managing all CCOC’s technology systems, including client and database support, training initiatives, and project oversight. She thrives in a dynamic environment, embracing the daily challenges with her motto: “Every day brings a new opportunity.”

Kris Richens


Kris Richens brings over 40 years of distinguished experience in the healthcare receivables management industry. Her expertise and leadership deliver proven business solutions across the entire revenue cycle for organizations of all sizes. Kris fosters strong partnerships with health systems, hospitals, and physician groups through her exceptional communication and collaborative approach. Her CRCS certification validates her in-depth knowledge of patient access, billing, credit, and collections. Kris’s commitment extends beyond her daily work. She actively contributes to the advancement of healthcare through her involvement in various board and committee positions with the HFMA, as well as her ongoing engagement with AAHAM and CAHAM. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kris prioritizes family and enjoys adventures through hiking and travel. This passion for connection extends to all aspects of her life, as she strives to make a positive impact wherever she goes.

Leadership Team

Sylvia Romero


Sylvia joined Collection Consultants of California in January of 2007. She has over 40 years of experience in the ARM industry. As our primary bookkeeper, she brings extensive knowledge of bookkeeping principles and best practices. Sylvia provides accounting leadership through managing the posting department, maintaining payroll, and assisting in HR-related matters. Her past experience in the collections industry has included providing support as a legal assistant and working as a client liaison. She continues to stay up-to-date by attending workshops and seminars. She believes “mindfulness in the workplace is the key to success”, a tenet she lives out through yoga, cycling, and gardening.

Letty Romero


Letty has 13 years of service with CCOC. She received an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Studies from East Los Angeles College. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Cal State University, Los Angeles. Prior to the position of Client Liaison, she supported IT in processing data and generating client reports, supported A/R with posting and reconciliation, and handled various front office administration and reception duties. She is an excellent communicator and technically savvy. Her diverse experience within the company provides her with a unique knowledge base that ensures courteous and efficient service to our clients. Letty believes we learn and grow by exercising our minds, something she likes to practice through hiking and baking. She is eager to learn from other’s experiences and expertise. Her mantra is: “As you know more, you grow more!”

Gina Cruz


Gina has over 27 years of ARM industry and customer service experience, over 24 years of experience in healthcare receivables management at CCOC, and 13 years of management experience. She provides the leadership for our insurance team, support, and staff training, and provides client support. Gina’s great communication skills, collaborative approach, and vast experience with the company make her an instrumental presence both on and off the floor, managing staff, and influencing policy. She is a dedicated leader and continues her professional development through educational seminars focused on compliance and team development.

Lana Rey


Lana has over 28 years of experience in customer service, 20 years of experience in collections and healthcare receivables management, and 13 years of management experience. She provides leadership and training to staff, client support, and provides dialer support within our call center. Her decision-making skills and system-level expertise make her a key contributor to account-level process optimization developments.  Lana is focused on being a conscientious leader and continues her professional development through educational seminars focused on compliance and people management.


The majority of our recovery specialists have 12 or more years of service at CCOC recovering bad debt. Additionally, many of our healthcare specialists have MBAC certifications from AAPC accredited institutions, are well versed in billing and coding, and/or have previous experience working directly for provider organizations in a clinical and/or administrative capacity. Regardless of previous experience, all new team members go through a rigorous training schedule upon joining our team.

Once the right people are hired, CCOC focuses on training and retention. We average less than 10% annual turnover, which is in stark contrast to most of our competitors in the industry. CCOC has developed effective hiring practices targeted toward hiring the right people in the first place. We hire representatives who are enthusiastic, provide excellent service, and are fully committed to our values.

Our Philosophy

At CCOC we believe that dedicated service and honest communication are key to increasing loyalty in every relationship. We also understand that staying at the forefront of technology and fostering innovation is central to our company’s long-term success. CCOC’s company ethos encompasses these ideals.

Our Mission, Vision, Core Values

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